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“To the point, practical and helpful”

“Apartment law presented in lay-man’s terms”


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“Questions I had were answered before I even asked them. Extremely informative”

"I attended a seminar on apartment law hosted by Sonia that also extended to cover areas around Management Companies and the Multi-Unit Development Bill.  Sonia delivered the seminar with clarity, brevity and a clear understanding of the subject and how it fits in with the changing economy.  

I would recommend Sonia without hesitation for appointment in all 'challenges' in this field."

... Robert Webb, Oct 2011

"I travelled up today from Cork and found it more than worthwhile.  I arrived home a short while ago and felt I wanted to say that, what I learned this evening I shall pass on to other owners within our apartment block.  It will encourage us all to work together to ensure that the running of our management company improves dramatically.  It is in our own interests to ignore some of the petty squabbles and personalit clashes and look at the bigger picture.  You certainly clarified the important areas and have given us a framework on which to build a well run complex."

... Ruth Hornfeck, Nov 2011

About Apartment Law Made Simple

“excellent and very worthwhile, well done”

“very clear”

"Thank you very much.  I shall recommend your CD to the others, and do appreciate the work that you are doing to improve the situation than many of us find ourselves in here in Ireland.

... Ruth Hornfeck, Nov 2011