Mediation can provide a structured forum which helps find resolution, avoiding litigation and the Courts, in a cost effective way. Both sides get to outline what their views are in relation to the problems, and consider the view of the other party without having discuss it directly with them. The parties do not meet and the mediator moves between them, helping them to negotiate their own settlement. In some cases, the mediator may assist by making suggestions to help the negotiations along.

Although there is often no obligation to attend mediation, if the parties are not happy with the progress being made, it can be brought to an end. That said however, where agreement is reached to solve the problems, this is written down and agreed to be legally binding.

Mediation sessions are generally organised based on half-day or full-day meetings, and are charged on that basis. Unless the parties agree otherwise, the costs are usually split equally between them. There is no difficulty travelling to accommodate you, provided appropriate meeting facilities are available.

Examples of when mediation can be particularly effective include where house rules are being broken, where there are disputes over car-parking or even between apartment owners and the Board of Directors or Managing Agent involved in the development. In cases where apartment owners are refusing to pay service charges on the basis that the Managing Agent is (or doesn’t appear to be) providing the necessary services, using mediation as a means of restoring a working relationship allows calm and frank exchange of views without confrontation. Many other practical issues can then be dealt with as part of the process.

Further information on our mediation services are available for apartment owners, owners management companies, landlords & investors and tenants, or contact us directly and we will discuss your needs with you  in detail.