We have been providing conveyancing services to satisfied clients, buyers and sellers, for almost 10 years. ‘Conveyancing’ is the formal term used to describe the transfer of property from one owner to another and in spite of market conditions, we want to continue to do this. The Multi-Unit Development (MUD) Act 2011 outlines that in many developments, now is the time for the transfer of common areas between developers and owners management companies to take place, if that hasn’t happened already.

The Conveyancing process includes:-

  • Meeting you to discuss your plans
  • greeting with you what you need to do to make sure the process runs smoothly
  • Getting all of the relevant information from you
  • Dealing with estate agents, lending institutions and the solicitors acting for the purchaser or the seller.

Costs are agreed at the outset of the process. Generally speaking, our conveyancing costs start from €1,225 + VAT.  

We do offer discounts to anyone buying or selling apartments or houses in estates where we are already familiar with the title, so please ask us about this.

When you are buying or selling an apartment, duplex or house in a managed estate it is really important that the status of the Owners Management Company is checked at any early stage. If there are problems with this company it can mean that either you cannot sell or perhaps that you should not buy. This will be discussed with you when we first meet.

Please refer to our Owners Occupiers and Landlord & Investors pages for detailed descriptions of conveyancing services if you are buying or selling. More information is also available for Owners Management Companies in respect of transfer of ownership of common areas and the impact of MUD legislation

If you are thinking of buying an apartment or a property in a managed estate, we have prepared a audio guide CD called Apartment Law Made Simple which is available for just €20. On this CD, we explain, in plain English, the complex nature of apartment ownership and what your rights and obligations are in relation to it.

Contact us by phone, email or enquiry form and we can discuss you requirements, answer any questions you might have about our conveyancing services and consider costs in more detail with you.Move to the owners mgmt companies page and replace with ... for more information on conveyancing services for owners management companies please click here