When you need advice on any problem arising in connection with your apartment, your owners management company or with the common areas of the development, we are here to help. Problems we have been able to help with range from taking control of the owner’s management company to handling problems with developers. The recently introduced Multi-Unit Development Act (MUD) 2011 has also resulted in numerous enquiries about how apartment developments should be managed and what rights apartment owners have.

The key to our consulting service is that we focus on the result that you need to achieve. We will work together to establish a clear plan, and then review and manage that plan as things change along the way, while always maintaining a clear focus on results.

Costs for consulting services vary depending on what work needs to be done, how long it will take, how complex or how urgent it is. We will discuss costs with you at each step of the way so that you remain in control of the work being done for you.

Our consulting services include:

  • Advice to management companies’ Board of Directors on legal obligations
  • Advice to apartment owners on AGMs, apartment service charges and sinking funds
  • Advice to apartment investors and landlord on dealing with owners management companies, the Resident Tenancies Board and other legislation relating to letting
  • Advice for tenants on their rights, and responsibilities as apartment tenants, and assisting them in dealing with issues that may arise
Further information on our consulting services is available for Owner’s Management Companies, Owner/Occupiers, Investors & Landlords and Tenants.

Contact us by phone, email or enquiry form to discuss your specific needs and circumstances, and we can provide you with detailed information on the consulting services available to you.

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