Client Care

Sonia McEntee Solicitors is committed to providing a good service to all clients. Every client should benefit from our core values of competence, confidentiality, commitment and courtesy.

We strive to ensure that our advice is cost effective and communicated in a clear manner.

We will only agree to act for you where we can meet our commitment to provide a professional service. If you need advice on a matter which is not within our expertise or capabilities, we will discuss this with you and try to help you decide what advice you need.

All solicitors are bound by professional rules which make confidentiality very important in the solicitor-client relationship. What this means is that no-one will discuss the nature of your case with anyone outside the firm unless you agree to it, or unless we have legal or professional obligations to do so. Otherwise we will not disclose to anyone that we have taken instruction from you at all.

At the outset of every matter, you will receive confirmation of:

  • the name and status of the person acting, along with details of the person responsible for the overall supervision of the matter;
  • the client’s and the adviser’s responsibilities;
  • details of the appropriate point of contact in the event that the client is concerned with the progress or some element òf the handling of the matter;
  • specific advice on the cost implications of the instructions received and the advice provided;
  • the general terms of engagement under which the firm acts and the level of service that the firm proposes to provide;
  • any limitations to the service to be provided


Complaints Handling


None of us likes to be the subject of a complaint, but we accept that to provide a quality service, you should know what you need to do if you are not satisfied with the service you are receiving. If you find yourself in these circumstances, please raise the issue with the person providing the service. Sometimes a feeling of dissatisfaction can be settled very quickly and easily once it is highlighted.

If you are still not satisfied, then address your complaint to the person with overall responsibility for your case. At this point, we may ask you to put your complaint to us in writing. We will take all reasonable steps to deal with your concerns without delay and as objectively as we can.

In the event that you feel we have not addressed your concerns in a way which is satisfactory to you, you do have the right to make a complaint to the Law Society. Full details on how to do this can be made available to you on request, or you will find them on