Apartment Owner's Seminars - 2011 Survey Result

From September - November 2011, Sonia McEntee, Solicitor & Principal at Apartment Law, presented a series of free seminars, offering legal and management advice for apartment owners in Ireland.  Attendees were asked to complete a questionnaire/survey about their apartment complexes, issues affecting them, their management companies, and maintenance of their developments.  The following document outlines the results of our surveys to date.

It’s clear that there are very significant problems in the apartment and managed estate sector at the moment. These can range from issues with developers in new (or maybe not so new) developments, right through to financial or construction problems in older developments, particularly where major refurbishment becomes an issue.

We want to highlight these issues where we can and so are committed to carrying out ongoing research in this area. From time to time we will carry out surveys of apartment owners, and we would encourage you to take part. We value your time, and promise that these surveys won’t take any longer than 2-3 minutes to complete at any one time.

When we carry out our surveys, we do ask you to include the name of your development, and how many units are in it. This information will be used solely for our own internal purposes – it’s important that we can distinguish between how things are handled in larger developments or smaller ones, and that we can identify what issues are more prevalent in developments of different sizes. No information will be published which would allow you or the issues in your specific development to be identified. Our results will be published on our website and updated regularly